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Results That Last

We have developed a teaching methodology that combines language learning with neuroscience and life coaching. After applying it in the classrooms, we were astounded at the results: the students learned faster, played harder, and kept coming back for more! We've decided to share it with the world so that everyone who tries it could discover the world of opportunities and become unstoppable in their quest for knowledge! Give it a try and see what's possible for you!

Please get in touch and together we can achieve better results.

Students Taking Note

Group Lessons

4-8-participant intensive workshop

In this class, students develop their speaking, communication, and socialization skills, work in pairs in breakout rooms, and learn and practice new material under the guidance of a teacher and a skilled assistant.

Student Writing

Practice Lessons

Collaboration and Peer Tutoring

In this class, students get together to share their knowledge of English, discuss cultures, give advice, and check their hOmework. The group is lead by an Advanced English Learner.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

One-on-One Lessons

Personalized Tutoring

Get the most out of your teacher, ask all the questions you want, and receive undivided attention.


We're here to make the learning process easier for you. Contact us to see how our services can help!

Our Address:
Planet Earth
Chicago, IL


“Since I began receiving guidance from my teacher, my test scores have increased and my confidence in talking with native speakers has grown significantly. I am very happy with the personalized service that ESL@Home&Beyond provides. It is always an extremely positive experience.”

Zhanat Y.

“English for me was an impossible mission, I had no idea how I could learn this language. However, my mind changed when I started taking classes with Mr. Sasha because he taught me not only basic rules about English but also to have confidence in myself, not to feel fear and accept my mistakes.

Mr. Sasha's classes made me grow personally and professionally. Now my confidence in myself is greater. So although I still do not speak well, today I can work and communicate with people much better, even now I laugh at my mistakes and I always have a positive attitude. Wherever I am I try to apply my knowledge about English and not worry so much about my pronunciation."

Maylen Polanco

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